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In the summer of 2011, veteran Hot Rod Semi driver Dana Lindsey decided it was time for her to apply a new strategy to the sport she already knew so well. That strategy was to drive her prized Peterbilt like it should be, and not to let her nerves influence her driving!

“In previous years, I have sat in the truck on the starting line and let nervousness force me into driving the truck differently than it should be.  My goal was to drive the truck like Tom wanted it to be driven and how it should be. A lot can be said for how a vehicle is driven” commented Lindsey. The Tom that Dana refers to is her husband, the “Diesel Doctor”, who not only develops the power under the hood of Dana’s Red Hot and Rollin but also his own powerful Kenworth known as Built for Business.


The new approach to driving in conjunction with the unbelievable power that Dana’s truck was making elevated Red, Hot and Rollin to the front of the class early in the season.  By the middle part of the season the former point’s champion had hit her stride in the Hot Rod Semi class or so it seemed. “Halfway through the season we developed a problem with the truck.  We chased it for a while but were still able to maintain the Champions Tour lead. Mike Laribee was our closest competitor at that point and when he did not make it to the Buck for the Champions Tour hook, I felt confident we could maintain the lead.  The rains however cancelled the event and we didn’t gain as many points as we may have hoped,” said Lindsey.

Traveling to Goshen, Indiana for the Elkhart County Fair, Dana Lindsey was excited to arrive and compete at the perennial fan favorite on the Champions Tour Schedule.  “Competing at Goshen was the highlight of the season for me”, shared Lindsey.  “The venue is great for pulling and the fans pack the bleachers all day long, but the track can be a very tricky surface to pull on.  It is a driver’s track that requires some finesse and a solid setup on the vehicle.”   Competitors can never be too confident in themselves when it comes to the soil in Goshen, but Dana backed to the sled with a good feeling about how her old faithful truck would perform.  Not only did she win the event, but she built on her points lead at a difficult point of the Champions Tour Schedule! 
All champions of the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour are presented a brand new custom painted helmet at the end -of- the - season banquet in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Dana truly wanted to win another championship and as the season progressed the idea of having her truck’s colors emblazoned on the helmet gave her additional motivation.  As she stood in front of her peers to accept her helmet and highlight her championships, the first thing she touched on was how much that helmet meant to her.  The attention to detail, especially with her driving and the potent truck she was piloting made for the perfect combination in the Hot Rod Semi class in 2011!

Looking to the future for 2012, the Lindsey’s are hard at work to bring Tom’s truck back to the top tier of the Champions Tour.   Lindsey shared:  “Tom’s truck has always had a tremendous amount of power but putting that power to the track has been our biggest challenge.  In our class it isn’t always the biggest horsepower truck that wins but the competitor that can be the most consistent day in and day out. We love the challenge of making it all work and are anxious to get out on the circuit in 2012” added Lindsey.

red hot rollin

A summer full of competing with two Hot Rod Semi’s could easily be too much for a team to handle, but the Lindsey’s have a firm grasp on their team and approach to the sport.  While Tom Lindsey focuses on making the trucks the best they can be, Dana works with the family to prepare for the demands of traveling.   The 2011 season marked another banner year for the residents of Duncansville, Pennsylvania, but Dana knows she couldn’t have done it alone.  Dana shared:  “I can’t thank Tom enough for all he does for me.  He is the mastermind behind our team and the trucks.  He does it all himself!”  “Cummins Engines has been a huge asset for our team as we work closely with them to continue to develop more power,”   Lindsey stressed.  She went on:  “Lucas Oil and the Pro Pulling League staff have been phenomenal.  Without them we would not be in the position we are in.  Being diehard pullers we love the sport and enjoy seeing growth.”  Finally she added:  “We appreciate Air Dog coming on board as our class sponsor for 2012 and hope we can make many impressions for them.” 

Dana and Tom Lindsey have been pulling for twenty years and the passion they possess for the sport two decades later is contagious.  As preparations for the upcoming season hit their stride, the Lindsey’s can’t wait to get back out on the circuit in pursuit of another team championship.  Fans from around the country have learned to expect a fireworks display when Red, Hot and Rollin comes to the track, and the ultimate display resulted in a championship for Dana!


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