Protect the HarvestAfter much deliberation and planning, the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League will offer and expand events in the western portion of the pulling hot bed area, specifically Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. Protect the Harvest Western Series will attempt to fulfill the overwhelming requests for top-notch events in the region.

“The process of expansion west has been developing for a couple of years,” explains, John Mears Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Tech Director. “Our Nebraska Bush Pullers and Badger State have been bombarded with requests for events, which have been located out of their geographic comfort zone,” continued Mears. Not only event requests, but also sponsors have shown interests, searching for exposure in the region, hence the reason why Protect the Harvest is stepping to the forefront.

Protect the Harvest Western series will be spearheaded by a pair, with numerous years of experience of Western pulling with Klint Tucker and Kurt Schanou. Kurt and Klint are very well respected in the western pulling community and both will help assist pullers and promoters

Schanou, who resides in the Omaha metropolitan area, has numerous years of experience in teching vehicles and producing events. Tucker, promoter, track builder and former puller will assist events planning, preparation, and operations. “The goal for the Western Series is to obtain 10-15 events, this inaugural year, “ stated Kristi Chastain, Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, National Events Director. This would be a great fit to our portfolio of already outstanding events.

The near future a tentative schedule of events, points fund structure, additional sponsors, policies and rules will be released for the newly formed Protect the Harvest Series.

Kurt Schanou –402-9814182
Klint Tucker-309-712-1406
Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League 812-246-3350
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