Bill Leischner

Charlestown, Indiana (October 23, 2017) - In the world of modified tractor pulling there are few names who demonstrate the consistency and longevity of the 2017 E3 Spark Plugs Super Modified Tractor Champion, Bill Leischner and the Ram Mounts Dirtslinger. A multi-time champion in the class, Leischner will be honored this weekend at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 28th during the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Banquet, standing among his peers that are of legendary status as well.

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Dan Viney and the Crank It Up International

Charlestown, Indiana (October 20, 2017) - Today is another step closer to the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Banquet in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Hyatt Regency on October 28th. As we work towards that evening of celebration of champions, we cast the spotlight on this year’s Super Farm Tractor Champion Dan Viney and the Crank It Up International.

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Jared Nelson

Charlestown, Indiana (October 19, 2017) - After a dominant run to the 2016 Optima Batteries Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Truck Championship on the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour, Jared Nelson faced the daunting task of backing up that title in 2017. Once the season concluded with a rain-out at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri at the Pro Pulling Nationals only then could Nelson rest easy in his second straight Championship, fending off the efforts of two hard-running competitors.

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Jeff Hothem

Charlestown, Indiana (October 18, 2017) - The Fully Loaded Pulling Team led by driver Jeff Hothem scored the 2017 MAVTV Unlimited Super Stock Tractor Points Championship through a road less traveled but rewarding in the same.

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Jim Bosch Midnight Raider

Charlestown, Indiana (October 16, 2017) - Charlestown, Indiana: With the 2017 season complete and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Banquet just on the horizon we celebrate our champions. Today we’ll focus on the 2017 Pro Modified Four Wheel Drive Truck Champion, Jim Bosch and his Midnight Raider Chevrolet out of West Olive, Michigan.

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Rudy's Diesel Fall Truck Jam

Charlestown, Indiana (October 5, 2017) - Just as the 2017 pulling season began with the Rudy’s Diesel Spring event in late April, it concludes in the same spot for the annual Rudy’s Diesel Fall Truck Jam at the Piedmont Dragway this weekend in Julian, North Carolina on October 6th and 7th.

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