Mid West Summer Nationals
Stephenson County Fair
Freeport, IL
iON Camera Unlimited Super Stock Tractors
Results Driver City, State Brand Vehicle Distance
*1 Getting, Loren Hagerstown, IN IH Lessons Learned FP/320.24
*2 Novinger, Mike Shelbyville, MO Massey Full Tilt 308.58
*3 Hothem, Jeff Dellroy, OH JD Fully Loaded 308.24
*4 Shoemaker, Chris Union City, OH IH Cash in the Trash 293.71
*5 Keener, Duane Ashland, OH JD 4760 Bambi 292.49
*6 Novinger, Mike Shelbyville, MO JD7820 Dominator Deere 291.58
*7 Hull, Aaron Waupun, WI JD 8210 Out of Time 283.58
*8 Hull, Lyle Waupun, WI MMG1000   279.48
*9 Johnson, Dennis Fairbury, NE Deutz Shagnasty 268.02
*10 Barga, Ron Ansonia, OH Case IH270 Dad's Toy 185.63
*11 Hull Aaron Waupun, WI JD9200 Taking Care of Business 182.8
*12 Hirt, Jeff Port Clinton, OH IH MX270 Runin Bare 171.94
*13 Keener, Frank Ashland, OH Allis XXX 166.74
*14 Hirt, Jeff Port Clinton, OH IH MX270 Fast Lane hooked/broke


E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractors
          Floating Finish
Results Driver City, State Brand Vehicle Distance
*1 Long Ricky Glasgow, KY Hemi's MAVTV/Lucas Oil 328.41
*2 Shelton, Stan New London, NC 4 Hemi's Shel-Shocked 306.44
*3 Bunnage, Steve Golden Gate, IL 4-Hemi's E3 Spark Plugs Takes A Lickin 306.3
*4 Bunnage, Wayne Golden Gate, IL 4-Hemi's Keeps On Ticken 303.41
*5 Sullivan, Wayne Warsaw, KY Hemi's Tonka Kentuckian 300.08
*6 Stewart, Blake Paris, TN 4-Hemi's Down & Dirty 299.46
*7 Barga, Darrick Ansonia, OH 4-T-55's ION Camera Judge Next Generation 299.28
*8 Boyd, Steve Washington, IN JD8530 Lucas Oil Green Streak 299.11
*9 Leischner, Bill Weldon, IL 4-Arias Speedco Dirtslinger 291.4
*10 Eder, Joe North Collins, NY 4-Hemi's Geico 75th Addition 288.78
*11 Cole, Mark Pavilion, NY Chevy's The Gambler 285.76