Mid West Summer Nationals
Stephenson County Fair
Freeport, IL
July 11, 2014
Light Weight Super Stock Tractors
        Floating Finish  
Results Driver City, State Brand Vehicle Distance
*1 Wilhite, Mike Bardstown, KY NH8260 Blue Blazes 322.27
*2 Hootman, Jason Corfu, NY Ford The Commander 297.21
*3 Maedge, Todd Marine, IL IH Puma210 Monkey Mayhem 293.85
*4 Haug, Dale Centralia, KS 1370 Case Big Temptation 291.24
*5 Haug, Elmer Centralia, KS 2394 Case Little Temptation 290.34
*6 Shaw, Monica Franklin, KY JD Beauty & the Beast 279.73
*7 Sandefur, Mike Edinburgh, IN JD Farmboy's Fantasy 275.12
*8 Barbee, Bob Springfield, TN New Holland - Ford Stormy 245.9
*9 Esteb, David Franklin, IN JD Eatin' Dollars Alky Edition 0.47


Protect The Harvest Prostock Tractors
        Floating Finish  
Results Driver City, State Brand Vehicle Distance
*1 Shorter, Mickey Sullivan, IN JD4955 Buck Eater 2 328.39
*2 Barreau, Randy Baraboo, WI JD7930 Tool Times 2 315.12
*3 Domann, Todd Winchester, KS AC Hurricane Allis 314.97
*4 Molitor, Jason Kent, IL IH966 Red Cattlac 312.34
*5 Russell, Rob Prescott, IA IH Work Horse 311.27
*6 Shay, Cody Shannon City, IA IH 1206 Red Edge Pro 310.62
*7 Wischmeier, Steve Seymour, IN JD Whiskey Wild 308.85
*8 Masterson, Kevin Grandview, IN JD6030 River Rat 306.17
*9 Maize, Stuart Amity, MO IH Billet Binder 305.87
*10 Masterson, Don Grandview, IN JD7280R Tinker Toy 304.56
*11 Babler, Nathan Rock City, IL JD 8345R The Haymaker 303.6
*12 Moss, Brad Adairville, KY JD TS Performance Young Buck 303.18
*13 Stone, Tim Greensburg, IN JD Rollin Stone 301.38
*14 Freer, Jeremy Scottsdale, AZ JD Under New Management 301.04
*15 Bader, Troy Monroe, WI JD8530 Forever Green Edition 300.74
*16 Hook, Dustin Thomson, IL IH966 T-Bone 300.73
*17 Friedrich, Bill Bloomington, IL JD8360R Buck with No Doe 298.04
*18 Brinkmeier, Tim Warren, IL MX255 Fuelish Pleasure 296.24
*19 Linder, Mike Edison, OH JD4320 Linder Brothers 295.41
*20 Schroedl, Troy Fort Atkinson, WI JD4010 Contents Under Pressure 294.89
*21 Bobb, Cory Seymour, IN JD7720 Barely Getting By 294.73
*22 Boyd, Greg Washington, IN JD8530 Lucas Oil Green Streak 293.69
*23 Ladwig, Craig Cascade, WI Case IH Never Givin' Up 290.46
*24 Parish, Philip Marion, KY IH335 El Nino 290.12
*25 Bader, Randy Monroe, WI JD8100 No Fear Deere 289.95
*26 Moss, Brad Hudsonville, MI JD 7820 Greenline Express 289.04


E3 Sparkplugs Super Modified Tractors
        Floating Finish  
Results Driver City, State Brand Vehicle Distance
*1 Bunnage, Steve Golden Gate, IL 4-Hemi's E3 Spark Plugs Takes A Lickin 320.59
*2 Bunnage, Wayne Golden Gate, IL 4-Hemi's Keeps On Ticken 317.93
*3 Shelton, Stan New London, NC 4 Hemi's Shel-Shocked 316.87
*4 Eder, Joe North Collins, NY 4-Hemi's Geico 75th Addition 309.8
*5 Boyd, Steve Washington, IN JD8530 Lucas Oil Green Streak 302.25
*6 Leischner, Bill Weldon, IL 4-Arias Speedco Dirtslinger 294.73
*7 Stewart, Blake Paris, TN 4-Hemi's Down & Dirty 294.46
*8 Long Ricky Glasgow, KY Hemi's MAVTV/Lucas Oil 276.58
*9 Sullivan, Wayne Warsaw, KY Hemi's Tonka Kentuckian 273.73
*10 Barga, Darrick Ansonia, OH 4-T-55's ION Camera Judge Next Generation 238.57

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