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Monday, October 19, 2020

Ricky Long Roars to Pro Pulling League Super Modified Tractor Championship

Charlestown, IN (October 19th, 2020) – An abbreviated pulling season in 2020 made for interesting points races across the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, such was the case of our Super Modified Tractor division.  When the last tractor hooked at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks, the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri, Ricky Long stood alone atop the most powerful class in all of motorsports, notching his first title in the division aboard the Lucas Oil Racing Television machine.

Ricky, along with brother Keith, are no strangers to a championship run on the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.  The duo, hailing from Glasgow, Kentucky are multi-time championship winners in the Optima Batteries Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Truck class.  They finished 1-2 in the Super Modified Tractor points race with Keith a scant eight points out of first place on the Lucas Oil machine when the dust settled in Wheatland.

With three points hooks for the class in 2020 consistent top finishes would be key for a title run.  Ricky kicked off the season with a win at the 300 Raceway Farley Nationals in the opening session and backed that up with a second in the second and final session in Farley, Iowa.  The class would be settled in Wheatland with Ricky and Keith dueling with a pair of brothers from North Carolina as Grayson Shelton (Shel-Shocked) and Reese Shelton (Ruckus) made a play for the top of the class as well.  The wild cards were the Dirtslinger team with Bill and Jed Leischner, Bret Berg (Renk Seed Money Maker) and Darrick and Galen Barga (Rhino Ag Judge-Next Generation) all within striking distance of a podium finish in the championship standings.

The Long’s efforts were a “bookend” pair of runs that sealed their fates in Wheatland.  Keith took the opening run of the class past 310 feet, a distance that stood for the win.  Ricky would have to finish fifth or better to wrap the title up and with the last pass of the class sailed into second place, sealing the championship up for 2020. Grayson Shelton would finish third in points, with the Dirtslinger team in fourth and Reese Shelton in fifth.

Congratulations to Ricky Long on your 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Super Modified Tractor Points Championship!